Coffee capsules

Coffee capsules and their lids production have seen dramatic changes recently in order to improve their recyclability as well as bring new production process. Polystyrene-based capsules are more and more replace by more recyclable PP-based capsules. Multilayer Injection molding process has been developed to improve the efficiency of capsules productions.  SKFP has followed these trends and brought new solutions to meet these challenging changes.


Thermoformed coffee capsules

Several OREVAC® tie resins are suitable for this traditional coffee capsule manufacturing process. They develop reliable bonding with EVESIN EVOH which ensures optimal capsule internal cohesion during coffee brewing.

Recommended SKFP grades:
For PS/EVOH/PE capsules: OREVAC® 18910 and EVASIN 3251FT

For PP/EVO/PP capsules: OREVAC® 18730 and EVASIN 3251FT. Both OREVAC® 18730 and OREVAC® 18729 are phtalate free.


Coffee capsules lids

With the increased used of PP-based capsules, SKFP teams have designed specialty OREVAC® grades used in the PP sealing layers.

OREVAC® 18751/18750 are a maleic anhydride grated PP used as a the layer between Aluminum and PP sealant layer for K-cup lidding technology. They have been designed for extrusion coating process with suitable rheological behavior (MFI = 35g/10 min @230°C, 2.16 kg) and can be coextruded with a PP sealant layer.  These specialty grades require a post-heat treatment after the extrusion coating step to obtain the necessary bond between Aluminum and the PP layers.

Orevac® 18751/18750 can withstand sterilizaton/retort process and can be used for lids used in pet food containers.


Multilayer injection molded coffee capsules

Injection molding of multilayer barrier coffee capsule is a challenging technology. SKFP has designed new Orevac PP grades to be used in multilayer structures such as PP/EVOH/PP. For more information, please contact SKFP technical team.

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