Reactive Ethylene Terpolymer (RET) with LOTADER®

LOTADER® reactive terpolymers are widely used to prepare high stability bitumen mixtures while giving outstanding performance bitumen.

LOTADER® AX8700, AX8750, AX8750T or AX8900 give excellent performance to the modified binder in terms of:

  • Excellent rutting resistance
  • Meet most dynamic properties requirements (PG, MSCRT)
  • Decrease of temperature susceptibility

LOTADER® AX are easy to process:

  • Easy handling and dissolution
  • Excellent performance with low effect on viscosity
  • Outstanding bitumen storage stability
  • Efficient at low loading at 1.5 – 2.0%
  • Easy to prepare in most common equipment : no need of high shear tank.

LOTADER® AX8840 can be combined with LOTADER® AX8700, AX8750, AX8750T or AX8900 to adjust the softening point.


Recycling LLDPE in asphalts thanks to LOTADER®

LOTADER® AX8840 can be used as a compatibilizer to add up to 3% LLDPE or rLLDPE in asphalts and keep good asphalt properties.


Plastomeric Polymer Modified Bitumen with EVATANE® and LOTRYL®

EVATANE® copolymers are well known for their compatibility with various bitumen as well as the excellent mechanical properties it brings to asphalt (rutting resistance), allowing to increase road safety criteria (skid resistance, stopping distance) and driving comfort (traffic noises, porous asphalt).

Under extreme climate conditions (-20°C to -40°C), the best compromise between the required end-use properties and the bitumen polymer compatibility can be achieved with LOTRYL® EBA copolymers.

In addition, EVATANE® and LOTRYL® are also used to produce waterproof roofing membranes.

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