Agricultural films

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In agriculture, gas barrier films are currently used in two main applications

  • In soil disinfection by means of fumigant and
  • In silage film to preserve cattle’s forage from oxidation and spoilage
    Films feature following structure: PE/Orevac®/EVOH/Orevac®/PE with EVOH layer as fumigant barrier layerFilm for soil fumigation with EVOH layer is named TIF or Totally Impermeable Film
    Orevac® tie resins (ready to use or concentrate adhesive) impart high adhesion level and film cohesion allowing agricultural film to be mechanically laid down on soil

    Ratio of Orevac® 18341 and OE825 within the tie resin blend ranges from 20 to 30% for TIF film, as well as Evasin 3851F or Evasin 4451F.

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