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LOTADER® (and LOTADER® T) resins are ethylene terpolymers with reactive functions such as maleic anhydride or epoxide (glycidyl methacrylate).
Main applications:
- Coextrusion binders or tie layers in multilayer structures for the packaging industry, pipeline coating. Oustanding adhesion on many substrates, even the most difficult ones such as printed films, in extrusion lamination.
- Impact modifier for engineering plastics such as polyamides and polyesters used in the electronic and automotive sectors.
- Compatibilizers for recycled plastics blends.
- Coupling agents in HFFR cables for cables and aluminum panels.
- Adhesion boosters for hotmelt adhesives and thermoadhesives films.
- Hot melt adhesives

Flexibility: Lotader® wide range of acrylate content allows for tailor-made formulations and different softness degrees. Lotader® terpolymers are very flexible resins. They have been used for years as impact modifiers of engineering plastics such as PA, polyester (PBT, PET, and glass fiber reinforced PET/PBT), PC/ABS, and PPS. The epoxide functionality has been introduced in Lotader® by copolymerisation of glycidyl methacrylate (GMA) during production. Glycidyl methacrylate makes Lotader® GMA highly compatible with polyester and PPS.

Heat stability: Lotader® acrylate-based resins offer good heat resistance compatibility with high process temperatures encountered in the process of polyesters and polyamides (> 250°C). Lotader® resins can be used in high temperature processes without acid production or corrosion.

As adhesive, Lotader® resins are used as a tie layer for the manufacture of food packaging barrier films and hot melt adhesives. They are also used as thermoadhesive films in car interiors as well as in the formulation of hot melts for packaging and bookbindings.

As impact modifier of engineering plastics, Lotader® resins are used in the manufacturing of PA or polyesters compounds for the electronics and automotive sectors. The use of Lotader terpolymers enable to increase the impact resistance of engineering plastics.

As coupling agent, Lotader® resins improve the mechanical properties of highly filled flame retardants compounds (HFFR) used in cable and construction industries.