SK Functional Polymers (SK FP) has presence in 16 countries and sells its products in every continents. Our strategy is to grow our company and increase the sales of our products in traditional markets such as packaging and automotive but also to bring solutions in plastic recycling to participate in solving plastic wastes issues.
Because we believe that the well-being of our employees is key to succeed our business and growth objectives, we favor open exchange, autonomy and development of our talents. Ongoing training is promoted to enhance professional skills all along our employees career. SK FP is an equal opportunity employer and encourage cultural diversity. In 2020, SKFP score “Index Egalité Professionnelle”* relative the equality women/men is 84/100.
(* Index Egalité Professionelle is a French government imposed measurement of the equality treatment of women and men and sets annual target to reach full equality. The minimum score to be reached in 2020 was 75/100).
SK FP hires talents worldwide for a wide variety of positions in production, research&development, supporting functions and sales.
If you wish to find more about SKFP open positions and apply for a position within SK FP, send your summary to the following email address: