ISO & OHSAS Plants certificates

This section displays the ISO and OHSAS certifications for SKFP products. Feel free to contact us for any additional information.

ISO certificates LOTADER® and LOTRYL® resins (Carling plant)

Certificates EVATANE®, OREVAC®, LOTADER® and LOTRYL® resins (Balan plant)

Balan ISO 9001 2023-2026

Balan ISO 14001 2023-2026

Balan ISO 45001 2023-2026

Certificates for OREVAC® resins (Mont plant)

Certificates for EVASIN™ resins

SKFP Information security Management system

SKFP Traceability commitment

“ISCC PLUS” Certificate for trading renewable PE&PP resins

RecyClass Letter of Compatibility – Design for Recycling