Breathable membranes and housewrap

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Lotryl® grades are used for making monolithic breathable membranes with the moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) suitable for housewrap, roofing underlayment membranes, medical gowns… High polarity and low crystallization rate induce very good bond between Lotryl® and substrate (woven or fabric fibers).

Recommended Lotryl® grades:

  • Lotryl® 28MA07
  • Lotryl® 20MA08
  • Lotryl® 29MA03

Lotryl® resins have moisture breathability especially the grades with more than 20% of methyl acrylate. Brand new Lotryl® 40MA05T has high MVTR. These Lotryl® grades are widely used for Breathable Membranes pure. They can also be blended with breathable copolyamides and copolyesters to improve their processability and reach high MVTR.


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