Construction Membranes

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Lotader® 4210/3210/3410 as well as Primacor® EAA can be used as a tie layers for laminating aluminum or metallized-film with other substrates (PET, fabrics, fiberglass screens, …) for building and construction membranes such as radiant barrier, insulaton membranes or any other membranes like geomembranes for instance.

In addition Ionia® 2610 combined outstanding bonding and mechanical properties in the production of membranes

Other Lotader® grades such as Lotader® 4513T might also be suitable depending on the laminated substrates. Please contact your local representatve for any recommendaton.

Lotryl® resins have moisture breathability especially the grades with more than 20% of methyl acrylate. Brand new Lotryl® 40MA05T has high MVTR. These Lotryl® grades are widely used for Breathable Membranes pure or in combination with breathable copolyamides and copolyesters.


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