SK Geo Centric has the broadest range of specialty resins for packaging applications. Among all these resins, SK Functional Polymer products bring the following solutions for the packaging applications:
– Tie resins
– Sealing resins, including Primacor®&Ionia® ionomers.
– Seal-peel resins, such as Lotryl® Bestpeel
– Barrier resins (EVOH)
– Processing masterbatches
– Hot-melt adhesives, …

SKFP resins have been designed to be processed with the most used technologies to produce films, bottles, trays, cups, barrier films… Their rheology has been adapted to processing technology such as extrusion coating & lamination, blown extrusion, cast extrusion, blow molding….

Besides, the outstanding performance of Lotryl® BA at freezing temperature make them a great complement of Evatane® EVA copolymers as base resins for hot melt adhesives used at room and freezing temperature.

Primacor® EAA acrylic acid copolymers have outstanding adhesion to Aluminum foils and metallized surfaces. They are complemented by Lotader® 4513T whose has versatile adhesion to polyesters and a wide range of inks.

Primacor®&Ionia® ionomers have excellent seal-through performance and well has outstanding clarity. Primacor 5980i high acid copolymers can be dispersed in water-based solutions for paper coating.


Flexible Packaging Rigid packaging Hot Melt Adhesives (HMA) Inks

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