MDO For Monomaterial Packaging

Many packaging pouches are made of several layers made of different materials such as PE, PET, PA, EVOH…. This multimaterial compilation allows to combine the essential properties of each materials such as mechanical strength, puncture resistance, aesthetic, protection from moisture or oxygen…

MDO is a technology more and more used to enhance the properties of an HDPE layer. This is key to enable the substitution bioriented PET or PA layers by an HDPE layer. Once the PET or PA layers have been replaced, all the layer of composites films are ethylene based and can be considered as a monomaterial film, more easily recyclable.

MDO is used to:

  • Increase the mechanical resistance;
  • Enhance gas barrier properties (moisture and oxygen);
  • Improve the gloss…

In case the MDO film requires also ultra high oxygen barrier properties, a multilayer structure using Evasin™ EVOH sandwiched between Orevac ® can be produced and run through the orientation process. In order to maintain internal film integrity, high performing Orevac tie layers are required. .

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