About SK Functional Polymer

More than 50 years of experience in the development and supply of specialty polyolefins.​​​​​​​

A subsidiary of SK Geo Centric​​​​​​ (SKGC)

Established in 2011 through a split-off of SK Innovation’s petrochemical business, SKGC is one of the leading petrochemical companies in Korea, with a well-balanced product portfolio encompassing Specialty Ethylene Copolymers/Ionomers, Olefins, Aromatics, Performance Chemicals, Polymers and EPDM. SKGC operates production facilities in Korea and China, and its global sales network encompasses major regions including United States, South America, Europe, Asia and The Middle East.

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SKGC’s history dates back to 1962, originally established as the National Oil Corporation, where we laid the foundation for the petrochemical industry in Korea by being the first in the country to build a naphtha cracking facility. Since being acquired by SK Group in 1980, SKGC, as part of the petrochemical business division of the SK group, has grown and expanded to solidify the position as a major integrated petrochemical company, supplying a wide range of products from raw and supplementary materials to advanced materials essential in numerous industry sectors. Through continuous facility investment, R&D and global business expansion, SK Global Chemical is becoming the world’s leading specialty polyolefins company with an outstanding portfolio.

SKGC has been successfully expanding its global presence by establishing Joint Ventures with leading global petrochemicals players since 2000’s. Our current partnerships with SINOPEC (2013), JXTG​​​​​​​ (2014), and SABIC (2015), and the acquisition of Strategic Specialty Polyolefins from The Dow Chemical Company in 2017 have led us to develop a strong relationship with experienced players in the industry and further expand our core business both domestically and globally.

Since establishment, SKGC has been a wholly owned subsidiary of SK Innovation Co., LTD, which acts as the intermediate holding company of SK Group’s energy and chemical business. SK Group is the 2nd largest conglomerate in Korea in terms of sales (US$ 119 Billion) as of FY2019, with three main pillars of business, (1) Energy & Chemicals, (2) Information, Telecommunication, and Semiconductors, and (3) Marketing & Services. 

SK Functional Polymer​​​​​​​

SK Functional Polymer is a newly established company headquartered in Paris, France, following the acquisition of Arkema’s Functional Polyolefins business by SK Geo Centric in June 2020. SK Functional Polymer has more than 50 years of experience in the development and supply of specialty polyolefins products from manufacturing facilities in Europe (Balan, Carling and Mont) and in the USA.​​​​​​​ 

SK Functional Polymer markets an extensive range of specialty polyolefins that are suited to a large number of applications. Their main applications are: tie resins, impact modifiers, recycling agents, coupling agents, seal-peel resins,…. These thermoplastic materials enhanced with a range of functionalities (acrylics, epoxy, maleic anhydride) are supplied under the following brand names:

  • LOTADER®: reactive ethylene-acrylate maleic anhydride terpolymers and reactive ethylene-acrylate glycidyl methacrylate terpolymers
  • LOTRYL®: ethylene-acrylate copolymers
  • PRIMACOR®: ethylene-acrylic acid copolymers
  • IONIA®: ionomers
  • EVATANE®: ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymers 
  • OREVAC®:  reactive anhydride maleic grafted polyolefins (PE, PP, EVA) and reactive ethylene-vinyl acetate-maleic anhydride copolymers
  • EVASINTM : ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymers (a trademark of Chang Chun Petrochemicals, based in Taipei, Taiwan)​​​​​​​

SKGC Plastic Resins Solutions

SKGC, mother company of SKFP, proposes a wide range of plastic materials for the Packaging and Automotive industries. For more information, visit SKGC web site.

SKGC Ethical Management

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