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Recycling  Agents  For Recycled HIPS (rHIPS)

SK Functional Polymer (SKFP) is solutions provider for viscosity and impact modifiers of virgin and recycled HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene). … Continued

Last updated February 21, 2024

PRIMACOR EAA for better recyclability of paper packaging

SK Functional Polymer (SKFP) is the provider of high acid EAA copolymers containing up to 20 wt.% acrylic acid. These … Continued

Last updated February 20, 2024

Eco-designed multilayer packaging 

On November 30th 2022 European regulators put forward a proposal for a regulation on packaging and packaging waste. In the … Continued

Last updated February 18, 2024

LOTADER® 4700T: New Impact Modifier For Polyamide Compounds

SK Functional Polymer (SKFP) introduces Lotader® 4700T, a reactive plastic additive for polyamides and ABS paintability. Lotader® 4700T is a … Continued

Last updated February 15, 2024

New additions in SKFP product range: IONIA® Ionomers and PRIMACOR EAA

PRIMACORTM Ethylene Acrylic Acid (EAA) are mainly used as extrudable adhesives between foils, metallized films, paper and plastic films. Their … Continued

Last updated February 14, 2024

New Ionomers resins available at SK functional polymers

Within the first quarter of 2024, SK functional polymer (SKFP) will start to market the IONIATM ionomers product range in … Continued

Last updated November 24, 2023

Multifaceted Approaches to Improve Sustainability of Multilayer Packaging

by Dr Cristian Marro Bellot 21st Nov. 2023 SK geo centric (SKGC) has launched three general multi-approaches to improve the … Continued

Last updated November 24, 2023

Parkes project: €450 million investment in PET plastic depolymerization recycling

Preliminary consultation from September 11th to November 7th, 2023 Three companies with expertise in waste management and recycling decided to … Continued

Last updated October 5, 2023

Lotryl ® 17BA07T solution for Semi conductive and Insulation layer of Medium and High Voltage Cables

SK Functional Polymer introduces its new Lotryl®17BA07T an Ethylene – Butyl Acrylate 17% copolymer with MFI 7g/10min (190°C,2.6kg) designed for … Continued

Last updated September 28, 2023

SKFP at Plast Milan 2023

Come to visit us at Plast Milan 2023. SKFP will share a booth with its distributor Ambra Polymers and will … Continued

Last updated August 1, 2023