SKFP solutions for Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB)

<strong>SKFP solutions for Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB)</strong>

Lotader® AX reactive resins are widely used for improving Polymer modified Bitumen (PmB) rutting resistance, thermal ageing and road service life.

Lotader® AX modifiers are made of highly reactive Ethylene / Acrylate or Vinyl acetate / Glycidyl methacrylate terpolymer. Formulated in Asphalt, the ethylene brings higher softening point and rutting resistance. Acrylic Ester or Vinyl acetate provides elasticity to the PmB and good properties at low temperature. Glycidyl Methacrylate reactivity with acids functions of asphaltene lead to increased elasticity and improved storage stability. Performances of Lotader®-modified asphalts strongly depend on bitumen origin and quality and therefore require formulation adjustments.

Lotader® AX asphalts modifiers can:

  • Improve rutting resistance;
  • Meet most dynamic properties requirements (PG, MSCRT);
  • Increase tensile strength and elasticity;
  • Decrease temperature susceptibility.

Besides, Lotader® AX easy handling and dissolution facilitate the PmB production. Lotader® AX modifiers are available in free-flowing pellets that can be readily dispersed into hot bitumen and are efficient at 1.5-2% loading. Their dissolution in bitumen do not require high shear equipment and can be achieved in ~2 hours @ 160-180°C. This allows to prepare the PMB in mobile equipments next to the work sites. The Lotader® modifiers provide outstanding thermal and storage stability useful when long storages or shipments are required.

SKFP wide range of Lotader® AX modifiers ensures fine-tuning of PmB performances. Lotader®AX8840 can be combined with one of the lower melting temperature Lotader®AX grades to adjust the binder softening point.

 Typical characteristics of Lotader® AX product range

Lotader®MFI (g/10min)Comonomer (wt%)GMA (wt%)
AX8700925% Butyl Acrylate8
AX8750 / AX8750T1225% Butyl Acrylate5
AX8900624% Methyl Acrylate8
AX8670T1216% Vinyl Acetate9