SKFP and Sustainability

SKFP Path to Circular Economy 

Accelerating transition from a Linear to a Circular Economy 

SKGC and SKFP provide innovative solutions to help the industry move from a linear model to a circular economy of plastics. We are largely involved into the value chain, offering the adapted solutions from greener feedstocks, eco-design to recycling. 

(source brochure Cyclus: SK CYCLUS_leaflet(A4)_출고 ol.pdf

SKGC invests in ambitious sustainable projects 

Advanced recycling cluster in Ulsan, South Korea 

Advanced Recycling Cluster in Ulsan is an unique industrial site that will combine three recycling technologies in one place to advance circular economy for plastics.  

(source brochure Cyclus: SK CYCLUS_leaflet(A4)_출고 ol.pdf

More information SK Geo Centric Breaks Ground on World-First Plastic Recycling Complex | SK 

Parkes project: PET plastic depolymerization recycling in France 

Three companies with expertise in waste management and recycling decided to join forces for this project: SUEZ RV France, Loop Industries and SK Geo Centric & SK Functional Polymer. Parkes project involves the preparation of plastics and recycling by depolymerization of Polyethylene terephtalate (PET) at Saint-Avold, France. 

The PARKES project should enable the creation of a unit dedicated to the recycling of plastics, in a logic of territorial loop, in order to provide a virtuous industrial solution in support of the ambitions of the Grand Est Region in terms of circular economy.

More information on the Parkes project : Parkes project: €450 million investment in PET plastic depolymerization recycling – SK Functional Polymer ( 

SKFP’s 3R strategy 

Reduce plastic usage  

  • Reduce packaging weight 
  • Down-gauging in multi-layer film (PE, EVOH…) 
  • Use more bio-sourced or recycled raw materials 

Replace materials that are harmful to environment and humans 

  • Replace aluminum by recyclable barrier solutions (metallization, EVOH…) 
  • Replace PET by MDO PE 
  • Replace PVC by HFFR compounds in industrial applications

Recycle plastic waste and develop easy-recyclable products 

  • Develop PE & PP monomaterial packaging for easy-recycling 
  • Boost performance of Post-Consumer and Post-Industrial Waste 
  • Design blends of mixed recycled plastics using compatibilizers 


More information on SKFP’s solutions for a Circular Economy (Market: Circular Economy – SK Functional Polymer (