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LOTADER® 3210 is a random ethylene-butyl acrylate-maleic anhydride terpolymer.
LOTADER® 3210 is a versatile adhesive for extrusion coating or lamination, designed as:
Concentrate to be used in dry blend with LDPE. LOTADER® 3210 improves adhesion of LDPE on aluminum foils, metallized or primerized films.
Ready for use resin to be used pure. LOTADER® 3210 gives excellent adhesion on substrates likes aluminum foil, metallized plastics, paper, board, PE and some plastic films like BOPP.
Coextrusion tie layer for PE/PA in extrusion coating process.
LOTADER® 3210 can also be used as a coupling agent for mineral filled compounds such as halogen free flame retardant wires and cables, a compatibiliser for polyamide/polyolefin blends and a modifier for polyamides.


LOTADER® 3210 can be extruded with standard polyolefin extrusion equipment with typical melt temperature of 270°C and up to 320°C-330°C. LDPE purge is recommended before extruder shutdown.

Storage, Handling & Safety

LOTADER® 3210 is usually packed in waterproof bags or rigid containers with waterproof liner. It should be stored in dry conditions and be kept out of moisture in an aerated building. Improper storage conditions may cause degradation and could have consequences on physical properties of the product. It is recommended to reseal the bag or the liner after use to protect LOTADER® 3210 against moisture. Safety data sheet as well as information on handling and storage of the LOTADER® 3210 is available upon request to your SK Functional Polymer representative.

Shelf Life

Three years from the date of delivery, in unopened packaging. For any use above this limit, please refer to our technical services.


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Additional information

Acrylate (%Wt)

6 (BA)

Reactive group (%)

3.1 (MAH)

Melt index (g/10 min,190°C)


Melting point (°C)


Vicat (°C)