Eco-designed multilayer packaging 

<strong>Eco-designed multilayer packaging</strong> 

On November 30th 2022 European regulators put forward a proposal for a regulation on packaging and packaging waste. In the meantime, they also focus on reducing food wasting. This point will require oxygen barrier packaging to extend the shelf life of foodstuffs.  Last december 2023 council has adopted new rules for more sustainable packaging in the European Union.  Members states have agreed with the fact that all packaging placed on the market must be recyclable.  This will require that the packaging waste can be separated, collected, sorted and recycled. Monomaterial barrier packaging will facilitate the sorting and recycling while enabling long shelf life.   

For this purpose, SK-FP proposes Orevac® tie layers and EvasinTM EVOH can be used to produce oxygen barrier PE or PP multilayer films or sheets. Orevac® 18730 tie layer can bond efficiently EVOH and polypropylene to produce rigid co-extrused PP structure. Orevac® 18341 is a high performing tie layer to bond polyethylene and EVOH in flexible and rigid packaging.  

Typical properties of Orevac® 18730 and Orevac® 18341 tie resins

GradeBase resinMFI (190°C, g/10 min)Vicat T (°C)Melting T (°C)Density
Orevac 18341PE1.596121