Blow molding co-extrusion process

It is used to produce barrier bottles, containers, tanks with high barrier properties. These items contain various food and non-food items such as: milk, fruit juices, soups, sauces, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard but also checials, ferilizers, fuel.
Typical barrier coextruded multilayer structures are: (PP or PE) / Regrind/Tie Resin/EVOH/Tie Resin/ (PP or PE).
Orevac® tie layers have suitable rheology for the blow molding process, providing outstanding adhesion to PA or EVOH barrier materials with good recyclability.

Example of PE based bottle for milk: Orevac® 18362 and 18302N are both ready to use tie resins. Orevac ® 18341 and OE825 are both concentrates with high MAH grafing ratio. Both 18341 and OE825 are intended to be blended to achieve appropriate adhesive propertes. They should be diluted at ratio between 10 to 25% in LLDPE with Density < 0,92

Recommended Orevac® grades:
● 18362 ● 18302N ● 18341 ● OE825

Example of PP based bottle for mayonnaise, ketchup or mustard
Both Orevac® 18730 and 18729 are Phthalate free and complies with food makers requirements. They are homo-polymer based and allows hot flling, sterilizaton and pasteurizaton processes

Recommended Orevac® grades:
● 18730 ● 18729

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