HFFR (Halogen Free Flame Retardants) compounds are replacing PVC in more and more transportation, construction and military applications. Their formulations are based on polyolefins blends including Lotryl® or Evatane® copolymers, polyethylene, high mineral fillers loading (ATH or MDH) and coupling agents to optimize flame retardancy, mechanical properties and cost.

● Flexible and polar copolymers such as Evatane or Lotryl ensure the base polymeric resins can accept a high loading of mineral fillers;

● Orevac or Lotader coupling agents are necessary to improve the mechanical performance of the highly filled compounds.

The recommended grades are:

  • Evatane® with 28% vinyl acetate content
  • Lotryl® with 24% or more methyl acrylate content
  • Lotader® 3210
  • Orevac® 18341


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