Hot lamination

Hot lamination is a process to combine a monolayer sheet with a technical film avoiding the difficulties of coextruding multi-materials that may not be compatible through this process. Typically a PET sheet can be laminated with a EVA film to facilitate sealingy or with a multilayer barrier EVOH film to protect oxygen sensitive food.

Typical film structures for hot lamination

Flexible barrier or non barrier flms, produced by cast or blown co-extrusion process,: PE/EVOH/OREVAC
Flexible is hot laminated against extruded PET sheet and fnal structure is as follows: PET/OREVAC/EVOH/PE

Recommended grades

To achieve a strong bond of the film onto the extruded sheet, the film requires adhesive layer with strong affinity to the sheet material (PET, PP).
Orevac® 18211 and Orevac® 18603 have been designed to be used as the adhesive layer to bind onto PET, using the reactve maleic anhydride to boost the bonding strength.


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