Compatibilizers for Recycled Polymer Alloys & Blends

Recycled resins are sometimes not perfectly sorted and contains a variety of plastics materials. It is common that the sorting process leaves a few percent of one recycled resin into the main recycled stream. These materials are rarely compatible and need the use of a compatibilizer and a compounding step to obtain good properties. SKFP can bring solutions to the following recycled blends.

rPET/Polyolefin compatibization with Lotader® AX8840:

  • Reactivity with PET thanks to GMA functions (Lotader® AX) and compatibility with polyolefin
  • Good visual appearance
  • Intrinsic Viscosity improvement

PA and/or EVOH / Polyolefin blends compatibilization:

  • Reactivity with PA and EVOH thanks to MAH functions (Orevac® & Lotader®)
  • Allows multilayer packaging recycling

Other blends compatibilization: PC/ABS, PC/PBT,  PET/PE, PET/PP, PE/VOH

                          Starting recommendations for the most common plastic blends
PET/PE (*) 1/5 of PE Lotader AX8840 / AX8900
PA/PE (*) 1/5 of minor component*  Lotader 3210 / 3410 / 4210
PA/PP (*) 1/5 of minor component* Orevac CA100
PLA/PP (*) 1/5 of minor component* Orevac CA100
PLA/PE (*) 5 – 10 % Lotader AX8900
PBT/PA (*) 1/5 of minor component Lotader AX8900 / AX8700
PBT/PP (*) 1/5 of minor component Lotader AX8900 / AX8700
PC/ABS alloys 5% Lotryl T 29MA03T or Lotader AX8900
PC/PBT alloys 5 – 10 %   Lotader AX8900 +Lotryl T 29MA03


(*) Example for a blend PA/PE 70/30 -> use 6% Lotader 3210 (1/5 of minor component loading, PE)

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