Semi-conductive layer

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Conductor and insulation shields homogenize the electrical field to prevent electrical breakdowns. Their surfaces must be free from defect, smooth and in intimate contact with the insulation. The shield also protects the insulation surface from the damaging effects of ionisation as well as physical damage. The insulation shield must also facilitate the grounding of the cable during switching surges, short circuits, or lightning strikes. In applications up to 35 kV the outer semicon layer can be bonded or strippable. Above 35 kV the outer semiconductor layer must be fully bonded. To avoid premature cable failure due to insulaton breakdown, Evatane® or Lotryl® semi-conductive layer ensures :

  • Good adhesion to the conductor and insulaton layer
  • Smooth and homogenous carbon black dispersion
  • Easy processing
  • Good thermal stability for extrusion and curing steps
  • Excellent peroxide cross-linking reactvity
  • Superior mechanical propertes

Recommended grades:

  • Evatane® 20-20, 33-25, 33-45, 40-55
  • Evatane® 28-800, Lotryl® 35BA320 for viscosity adjustment

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