Multlayer sheet co-extrusion and Thermoforming

Multlayer sheets are used in the manufacture of cups, trays, capsules for packing ready cooked meals, convenience food, salads, fresh pasta, apple sauce, fruit salad…

SKFP products brings the following solutions

  • Orevac® tie layers;
  • Evasin EVOH barrier resins;
  • Orevac® lamination layer;
  • Lotryl® impact modifiers;

Depending on final application, key requirements will include:

  • Material selection type: PP, PET, PS
  • High barrier to oxygen, gas or aromas thanks to EVOH
  • High barrier to water
  • Stiffness
  • High seal-ability or peel-seal ability
  • Resistance to sterilization or pasteurization
  • Suitable for hot filling
  • Transparency

By selecting their base raw material, Orevac® resins have been designed to propose solutions for the main key materials (PP, PET, PS) used in rigid packaging. Both Orevac® 18729 and 18730 are suitable for single based PP packaging

Recommended Orevac grades:

  • For PP containers: Orevac® 18729 and 18730; Evasin 3251FT;
  • For PS containers: Orevac® 18211 and 18910; Evasin 3251FT;
  • For PET containers: Orevac® 18211 and 18603 as lamination layer
  • For CPET trays: Lotryl® and Lotader® impact modifiers;
  • For HDPE tanks: Orevac® 18334; Evasin 3201F;

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