PRIMACOR EAA for better recyclability of paper packaging

PRIMACOR EAA for better recyclability of paper packaging

SK Functional Polymer (SKFP) is the provider of high acid EAA copolymers containing up to 20 wt.% acrylic acid. These resins play a crucial role in high performing paper coatings.

High acid EAAs can be dispersed in water-based solutions. Once applied onto paper, these solutions produce a thin coating to achieve coated paper products with durablity, moisture-resistance and improved recyclability.,

Here are some highlights of high acid resins for paper coatings: Moisture Barrier, Improved Printability, Enhanced Gloss and Sheen, Superior Ink Adhesion, Increased Durability and Protection, Versatility and Compatibility, and Cost-Effectiveness.

PRIMACORTM 5980I offers a range of benefits that enhance the quality and performance of coated paper products compared to conventional polyethylene (PE) coatings as showed in the table below.

Comparison of PE- and Primacor coated films:

Coating Thickness (µm)Dry massWet (*) massWet-Dry massCobb (g/m2)
No coating03.504.220.7777
Std. PE Coated204.204.220.022
Primacor™ 5980I5-103.763.770.011
(*) 90C  water for 10minutes.

While applying a thinner layer of PrimacorTM 5980i, the PrimacorTM coating gives a moisture protection similar to an LDPE coating but has the advantage to be eliminated during the recycling of the paper product.

The PrimacorTM 5980i applied from a dispersion also offers the possibility to make thinner coating layer (<5um) which allows customers  Downgauging.

Since the emulsions are based on water solution, these becomes solvent free, which improves and boost the PFAs-free, BPA-free ecofriendly and sustainable solutions, as well as enables easier paper recycling.

PRIMACORTM 5980I offers excellent solution in formulations for grease, water, and other barrier performance.

Additionally, PRIMACORTM 5980I offers an improved Heat-Sealing Strength & Initiation Temperature, Good water barrier, Lower initiation temperature for heat sealing, Good heat sealing strength compared to the conventional EAA and PE resins.