Recycling Polyamide 6 / Polyethylene blends

Recycling Polyamide 6 / Polyethylene blends

SK Functional Polymer (SKFP) is a provider of Lotader® recycling agents used to compatibilize plastics blends and improve their mechanical properties.

Recycled PA can be contaminated with polyethylene (PE). The PE contamination, even at low level (10% or less), can affect some mechanical properties of polyamides. This results in PA/PE blends with degraded performances, with properties inbferior to virgin PA.

SKFP provides a functional resin, Lotader® 3410, to control the polyamide-polyethylene blend performance. Lotader® 3410 ethylene – butyl acrylate – maleic anhydride terpolymer has a high ethylene and MAH contents, respectively compatible with PE and PA. This unique composition enables a fine dispersion of the PE contaminant into the PA6 matrix, which is necessary to obtain good mechanical properties. It can be added to PA6, PA6,6 or PA12 at loading from 2.5 w% to 10.0 w% to significantly increase the impact resistance and the compatibility with PE.

Lotader® 3410 was tested below to increase PA6 performances by improving its compatibility with the PE pollution.

Lotader® technology can be helpful with many Polyamides formulations and can help customers to meet virgin compounds specifications.