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 LOTRYL® BESTPEEL 2008 is a ready-to-use thermoplastic composition designed to make peelable heat seal layers onto various substrates. The base resin is a random copolymer of ethylene and methyl acrylate, polymerized by high-pressure process in autoclave reactor. Modification is introduced to ensure the best processability in the different film technologies, and the suitable properties in heat sealing and peeling. 

LOTRYL® BESTPEEL 2008 is used as top layer of laminates in order to provide the functions of heat sealability onto various substrates like PP, PS and PVC, and easy opening by interfacial peeling. 

LOTRYL® BESTPEEL 2008 is easily processed using the technologies of coextrusion coating and cast film coextrusion to produce multilayer structures that can be used as lids, either directly or after lamination with other films. 

For more detailed information and recommendations regarding your specific application, please contact your local SK Functional Polymer technical representative. 


LOTRYL® BESTPEEL 2008 contains mineral filler and consequently needs to be dried prior to extrusion. Typical drying conditions are 4 to 6 hours at 60°C.

LOTRYL® BESTPEEL 2008 is processed with standard polyolefin extrusion equipment. It is not corrosive and its processability is similar to that of LDPE. Temperatures can be chosen in a very wide range. Usual recommendations start from 170°C in film extrusion up to 290 °C in extrusion coating, thanks to the excellent heat stability of acrylate comonomer.
The composition of LOTRYL® BESTPEEL 2008 has been specifically designed to overcome the processing issues that are usually critical with tacky resins in film technologies, like chill roll release, blocking and slip properties. LOTRYL® BESTPEEL 2008 is proposed as a ready-to-use resin with outstanding processability at both extrusion and downstream stages.
Purging LOTRYL® BESTPEEL 2008 is readily achieved with LDPE, and it is recommended to do it before shutdown.

Storage, Handling & Safety

LOTRYL® BESTPEEL 2008 should be stored in dry conditions and be kept out of moisture in an aerated building. Improper storage conditions may cause degradation and could have consequences on physical properties of the product.
Safety data sheet as well as information on handling and storage of the LOTRYL® BESTPEEL 2008 is available upon request to your SK Functional Polymer representative.

Shelf Life

Three years from the date of delivery, in unopened packaging. For any use above this limit, please refer to our technical services.


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