LOTRYL® BESTPEEL 2407 is a ready-to-use thermoplastic composition designed to make peelable heat seal layers onto various substrates. The base resin is a random ethylene-methyl acrylate copolymer. 

 Used as top layer of laminates in order to provide the functions of heat sealability onto various substrates like PP, PS, PET and PVC, and easy opening by interfacial peeling. 

 Easily processed using the technologies of coextrusion coating, cast film coextrusion, blown film coextrusion or sheet coextrusion, to produce multilayers that can be used as lids, directly or after lamination with other films. 


LOTRYL® BESTPEEL 2407 can be used as peelable heat seal layer in many kinds of lid constructions, based on aluminium foil, plastic films, paper, or a combination of them.

Structure examples:
Reverse printed bi-oriented film / adhesive / LDPE / BESTPEEL 2407
Aluminium / adhesive / LDPE / BESTPEEL 2407

Such constructions are heat sealable onto PP, PS, APET and PVC. Sealing strength is dependent on factors related to the different materials involved (heat conductivity, thicknesses) and to technological parameters like shape of the sealing tools, actual pressure, and time.
As general recommendations, flat sealing bars and moderate pressure should be preferred for better results and less squeezing of the sealing layer. Sealing temperature should be in the range from 160-180°C to 220-240°C, depending on heat conductivity of the whole structure and on contact time.

Storage, Handling & Safety

LOTRYL® BESTPEEL 2407 should be stored in standard conditions and protected from UV-light. Improper storage conditions may cause degradation and could have consequences on physical properties of the product.
Safety data sheet as well as information on handling and storage of the LOTRYL® BESTPEEL 2407 are available upon request to your SK Functional Polymer representative.

Shelf Life

Three years from the date of delivery, in unopened packaging. For any use above this limit, please refer to our technical services.


PackagingFlexible PackagingSeal-peel Lids

Additional information

Comonomer content (%)


Melting point (°C)


Melt index (g/10 min,190°C)


Vicat (°C)

< 40

Flexural modulus (MPa)