OREVAC® 18507

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 Maleic anhydride grafted high-density polyethylene designed as a coupling agent in halogen free flame retardant cable compounds. It provides outstanding mechanical properties, high tensile strength at break and good elongation, good abrasion and good chemical resistance. 

Suitable also to develop a reliable bonding strength between HDPE resins and mineral filler or natural fibers.

Compatibilizer in blends of high density polyethylene and technical resins such as polyamides and EVOH. 


OREVAC® 18507 is suitable for the production of compounds with the most common types of equipments (internal mixer, Büss®, kneader, twin screw extruder); it provides an effective coupling between the base polymers, mineral fillers (ATH, MDH), and natural fibers.

Storage, Handling & Safety

OREVAC® 18507 should be stored in dry conditions protected from UV-light. Improper storage conditions may cause degradation and have consequences on physical properties of the product.
Safety data sheet as well as information on handling and storage of the OREVAC® 18507 is available upon request to your SK Functional Polymer representative.

Shelf Life

Three years from the date of delivery, in unopened packaging. For any use above this limit, please refer to our technical services.


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