OREVAC® PP 18730

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 With OREVAC® 18730 and EVASIN™ EV3251FT, SK Functional Polymer offers rigid packaging customers a one-stop solution for barrier bottles, trays, and tubes. Both materials can be advantageously combined and processed together through sheet and blow molding co-extrusion. While OREVAC® 18730 confers internal packaging cohesion by developing an effective adhesion against PA and EVOH, EVASIN™ EV3251FT imparts gas barrier properties thanks to its low ethylene content within its composition (32%). 

Nowadays, food safety is a major concern for consumers. Indeed, packaging has to protect packed food against both external chemical and mechanical aggressions. Packaging has also to be inert with regard to the packed food and protects against microorganism. OREVAC® 18730 is a phthalate free PP tie layer specifically designed to meet the specific demand of food packaging for sheet and blow molding co-extrusions processes. OREVAC® 18730 has an outstanding adhesion to EVOH and PA resins thanks to the latest SK Functional Polymer technologies for tie layers. 

EVASIN™ EV3251FT, an EVOH grade with 32% ethylene content, shows outstanding bonding with OREVAC® 18730 by sheet thermoforming and container blow molding. 

As OREVAC® 18730 is PP homo-polymer based, it is suitable for retort and sterilization processes. 

OREVAC® 18730 is a Phthalate-free material.


As OREVAC® 18730 is PP homo-polymer based, it is suitable for retort and sterilization processes.

Shelf Life

3 years from date of delivery.


PackagingRigid packaging

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Additional information

Base Polymer

Homo PP



Melt index (g/10 min,190°C)


Melting point (°C)

-, 162

Vicat (°C)

-, 137

Density (g/cm3)